Business Meetings are held every second Saturday of the month; 10:00 AM at the 12 Step House.



BCIC Meetings




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The 9 Correctional Facilities that BCIC takes A A
meetings into are:


 Florida Department of Corrections Facilities:
  • Broward Correctional Institution (B.C.I.-Women's Prison)
  • Hollywood Work Release (Women)
  • Pompano Work Release (Men)
  • Pompano Work Release/Turning Point (men)

Broward County Detention Facilities:

  • BSO Main Jail (Men)
  • BSO Main Jail (Men)
  • BSO Main Jail (Juvenile, Male)
  • Paul Rein Center (Men / Women)
  • North Broward Bureau (Women)
  • Joseph V. Conte Facility (Men)

54 meetings per week require 104 people to alternate from week to
week, so that each person is doing a meeting twice a month.
One year of sobriety and a background check are needed to take a meeting.

2018 - Orientation and Training Schedule

Q & A

I Have A Jail Meeting … Now What ?

Fill out the Clearance Request Form, and return it before leaving the BCIC meeting.
Get a Clearance Training Form that lists dates, locations and times of the next Broward Sheriffs Office Training. 

I went to the Clearance Training … am I cleared?

You will receive a letter from B.S.O. saying that you are cleared. However, the Master List is updated on the 1st of the month. If your
Alternate takes you in for your first meeting he/she will have to get a “speaker clearance” for you prior to the 1st of the month.  

Who is my Alternate?

His/Her name and phone number is on the meeting list where you found your meeting. Call your Alternate to set the schedule for
the rotation and to ask questions about details such as parking, etc.

Who is my Coordinator ... and why do I have one?

His/Her name and phone number is at the top of the page, on the list where you found your meeting.

Your Coordinator will call you once a month to ask if your meeting is going well. Be responsible and return all calls to your Coordinator.
This process helps the I.C. update the meeting list. It’s our only way of knowing if a meeting is being covered. If you would rather,
you may call your Coordinator to report the status of your meeting.

If you have questions, or you wish to report any irregularities about your meeting, call your Coordinator.

If you can’t take your meeting in, and your Alternate can’t cover for you, call your Coordinator. 

I followed the “Speaker Clearance Guidelines”, and my speaker wasn’t cleared when we got to jail. What should I do if that happens?

Proceed with your meeting. Do a “topic/discussion” meeting. Please report it to your Coordinator. Errors occur sometimes, but your
Coordinator will ”document” the occurrence, for future reference.

When my speaker wasn’t cleared and I brought him/her in my car … how could I do my meeting?

Be aware, from the beginning, that there are no guarantees that your speaker will always be cleared. Experience has taught us to come in separate cars just in case. Remember, if your speaker is on the Master List, there won’t be a problem. We can be “a power of example” by being responsible for our commitment. (Adaptation has been taken to an “art form” by many an alcoholic!) 

Do I have to buy A.A. Literature for my meeting?

No.  Home Groups contribute money to the Institutions Literature Fund. The “Literature Table” is available at the 1st Tuesday of the month meeting.

A “standard packet” is available to everyone doing an I.C. meeting.

Requests for more than “standard” literature are approved by the Steering Committee. Fill out a “Lit. Request Form”, and depending on funds available, your request will be answered.  

Finally, the answers to almost any other question that you might have will be found in the Institutions Guidelines. The Guidelines have evolved from the total experience of many people who were here before us. Do yourself a favor and read them. 

And, Congratulations
You have made a decision to “Carry the message”…
The best is yet to come !