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 Broward County Institutions Committee In Treatment

BCIC takes A.A. meetings into 31 Treatment facilities at the present time. 76 meetings per week require 152 members to alternate from week to week so that each person is doing a meeting twice a month. The names and addresses of the 31 facilities are published on a monthly basis. These are available at the 1st Tuesday and 1st Thursday of the month meetings.

Make a decision to “Carry the message”.

Treatment facility personnel make contact with the BCIC by calling our Broward County Intergroup office. Intergroup takes the name, location, and phone number, and gives that information to the Institutions Committee Chairperson. The Chairperson calls the facility to gather information: 1. Are Alcoholics in residence? 2. Is the request for A.A. meetings due to the fact that the residents are unable to attend outside A.A. meetings? If the answer is “yes” to both questions, the Chairperson takes the request to the BCIC Steering Committee. The Steering Committee votes to add the meeting to our list.

When the meeting is listed, and the day and time of the meeting is announced, a member of the Institutions Committee can sign up for it. The meetings are an hour long and are speaker/discussion format.


I have a Treatment Meeting … Now What?

Each meeting has two people assigned to it so that each person is taking a meeting in every other week. Your “alternate” will switch days with you, fill in when “life happens” so that the flow of your meeting need not be interrupted. Have you ever done something that was “for the greater good of all”? If you begin this new commitment by reading the Institutions Committee Guidelines, it will benefit everyone. The Guidelines are an accumulation of experience of the many people who came before us. They will tell you what we do, and what not do. We are “guests” in the facilities and we “comply” with the rules of each institution.

I have a meeting ­ I've read the Guidelines … and?

You will go to your first meeting as your alternate’s speaker. Your alternate can show you where to go, where to park your car, and generally answer your questions about this particular meeting. After that you begin the rotation. If you have questions after your first meeting call your “Coordinator”.

Who is my Coordinator?

His/Her name, and phone number are at the top of the page - on the top of the list where you found your meeting.

Your Coordinator will call you once a month to ask if your meeting is going well. Be responsible and return all calls to your coordinator. This process helps the I.C. update the meeting list. It’s our only way of knowing if a meeting is being covered. If you would rather you may call your coordinator to report the status of your meeting.

If you have questions, or you wish to report any irregularities about your meeting, call your coordinator.

If you can’t take your meeting and your Alternate can’t cover for you call your coordinator.

Do I have to buy A.A. Literature to take to my meeting?

No. Home Groups contribute money to the Institutions Literature Fund. The “Literature Table” is available at the 1st Tuesday meeting.

A “standard packet” is available to everyone doing an I.C. meeting.

Requests for more than “standard” are approved by the Steering Committee. Fill out a “Literature Request Form”, and depending on funds available, your request will be answered.

Finally, the answers to almost any other question will be found in the Institutions Guidelines or by calling your Coordinator. And, when in doubt, “The Twelve Traditions Illustrated” will guide you to the answer.



You have made a decision to “
Carry the message”…
and the best is yet to come!