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Treatment facility personnel can contact our chairperson at chair@bcic-aa.com. Please provide the

  • Name of the facility
  • The address of the facility
  • The contact person for your facility.
  • A direct phone number and email address for the contact person
  • The day(s) of the week and time of the meeting(s) being requested. (Most of our meetings in treatment and correctional facilities are held from 7-8 pm.)

The Chairperson will contact you to gather the following information:

  • Are Alcoholics in residence?
  • Is the request for A.A. meetings due to the fact that the residents are unable to attend outside A.A. meetings?

If the answer is “yes” to both questions, the Chairperson takes the request to the BCIC Steering Committee. The Steering Committee votes to add the meeting to our list at our monthly meeting.

When the meeting is listed, and the day and time of the meeting is announced, a member of the Institutions Committee can sign up for it. The meetings are an hour long and are speaker/discussion format. Please bear in mind that BCIC is an organization made up of volunteers, and it may take time to fill your request.

AA Institutions Committee Broward County